November 2015 - Living the life !

It's great to live in Florida !  This time of year we're blessed with perfect weather and the fishing and catching could not be better.  What more could an angler ask for ?

Inshore; trout, reds, snapper, mackerel, and even triple tail are all over.    The trout are in the kelp patches and yellow bottom.  The every trusty popping cork and jig is working well, and so is the 5" jerk bait in the white or glow colors.  The bourbon "Little John" under a popping cork has been my go to color, but water melon and red glitter or white have all been producing well this month.

With the water still warm, the red fishing has been hot.  Live shrimp has been the bait of choice, but fresh cut bait has also worked when the shrimp have been hard to get.  The reds are still hanging out in the rocky points, oyster bars and grassy pockets, but that will change as the water starts to cool off next month.
Nice Homosassa Red Fish

Keeper snapper have moved into the rivers and for the young anglers they are hard to beat for dependable fun action.  Live or fresh dead shrimp on a light 1/16 oz jig head is all that's needed to keep a kid smiling.

The triple tail have showed up this month in droves.  Almost all the crab floats and channel markers held a few fish at any given time.  The best bait is a shrimp under a cork.  Let the bait drift down to them, and they can't resist a live shrimp.

Offshore; the grouper bite has been off the hook.  Casting plugs over the shallow rock piles or trolling over your favorite structure has been producing some monster gags.  The two fish per person has been an easy catch.  All colors have been working well, but the old standards, green, black or blue-back on the white or silver side are hard to beat.
Homosassa Gag Grouper

And as always, I'm grateful to my guests and friends for another great month on the waters of Crystal River and  Homosassa.  See you in December !

October 2015 Great Fishing !

It's almost not possible, but fishing this month has been better than last.  The trout action has been great !  The beautiful weather and good tides offered up some awesome catching.  We got limits of trout on just about every trip with fish ranging from 16" to 23" in length.  The bite has been all over, from Chaz to Yankeetown.  A 1/8 oz jig under a popping cork, or a live pin fish or shrimp have all proven very productive.  We worked the yellow bottom on the thick kelp beds on either the incoming or outgoing tides.  It didn't seem to matter as long as the water is moving and a breeze blowing, the trout were there.

The red fish bite is still active and shows no sign of slowing down.  Just like last month, all the normal spots are producing plenty of action.  Live shrimp or fresh cut bait, either under a cork or free-lined is all that was needed to put a bend in the rod and a scream in the drag.

Offshore the grouper action is king !  Giant fish landed in 8' of water were common with boats getting their two fish per person limit in no time.  Casting plugs on the shallow rocks makes for some arm-aching action.  Trolling the structures in 10-25' of water is also producing.  Many times, a double hook-up on just about every pass.    Don't forget to drop a shrimp or a jig head on these rocks for big grunts and hog fish too.  And speaking of great action, we can't forget the Spanish mackerel.  They are all over the inshore and offshore rocks and provide fun catching and good eating.

So get out on the water and do some catching !   The weather is great and the fishing is good.

Until next time, many thanks to my fishing guests and partners.   Capt Mark

AUGUST 2018 - Summer of Redfish !

August has been hot and so has the Redfishing !  The red fish bite has been the best on the incoming tide around the islands and rocky point...