July and August 2015: Scalloping, Redfishing and More !

With scallop season in full swing, the boat traffic on the water is at it's peak.  The boat ramps are crowded and the grass flats off of Crystal River and Homosassa look like a floating city.  Slow down and keep an eye out for people in the water, and remember "patience".

With all this activity the Red Fish bite is remarkably "Red Hot".  Limits on just about every trip with many fish over the maximum 27" limit, and many over the 30" range.

Along with the redfish, snapper and black drum are also being boated.  Live shrimp and live or cut pin fish is usually a good bait of choice.  The drum are in the 2-5 Lb range, and are perfect eating size.  The fillets look and taste very similar to their cousins, the "red drum", and they fight just about as hard too.

The Speckled Trout has still been a bit slow, but I've been finding some nice ones in grass beds ranging 6-10 foot deep.  Berkley "Gulp" in the New Penny color and the Miro-lure "Little John" in Watermelon Red Glitter are both very productive baits.

Same as last month, around the same areas as the trout, but on the scattered rock piles, grunts, snapper, flounder, Spanish Mackerel, and grouper are usually waiting to attack a live shrimp on a 1/8 oz jig head.  The Spanish  Mackerel are thick on these areas, and can be taken on just about anything; shrimp, cut bait, jigs, spoons.  For some great action, break out your fly rod and give it a try.  Be sure to bring plenty of flies, because you will loose a few hooking up with the "toothy" macs.

Scalloping has been great this year, even considering all the pressure from so many people eager to get out their and gather their limit.  The scallops are also larger and more plentiful this year.  It's still best to go on an outgoing tide and work the flats in the 4-7 foot water range.  When that tide slows down on the low tide the scallops come up out of the mud and lay in the grass for easy picking.

July and August will go down in the books as two fantastic months of fishing and making great memories on the waters of Crystal River and Homosassa.      Thanks,    Capt Mark

June 2015: Warm Weather Fishing

Warm weather makes for warm water and the Speckled Trout react positively to the temperature change.  The trout bite was good in the deeper grass beds.  Many of my trips produced limits of Speckled Trout in the 17" to 20" range.  Mirror Lure "Little john" or a red 1/8 oz jig head was my bait of choice.  Bourbon or Watermelon red flake seemed to be the best colors.  The smaller patches of grass seemed to hold more fish, so I targeted those areas first.

The shallow water rocks offered plenty of action; snapper, grunts, sea bass, gag grouper, and flounder joined in on the action.  Live shrimp on a jig head was the key.  Try a free-lined shrimp with no weight and the Spanish mackerel and Shark will put a bend in your rod and a scream in your drag every time !  There is great fun to be had.

Back inshore, the Red fish bite is still in full swing.  Rocky points and flats, mangrove edges and holes are all holding some nice fish.  Live shrimp and fresh cut bait on the bottom or under a float will produce the strikes.  Remember, in the warm water the Reds will stress after you catch them, so be sure to take the time to revive them before releasing them back into the Gulf.

The Tarpon are everywhere on the flats and edges of the channels.  A Tarpon will go for just about anything; crabs, pin fish, cut bait, flies, and plugs.  I always keep a DOA bait buster on a heavy spinning outfit ready to go when I see them pass by.

Scallop season opens at the end of this month, so be prepared for madness both at the boat ramps and on the water.  Be patient, and keep an extra eye out for increased boat traffic and people in the water.

Many thanks as always to my great guests.  Looking forward to next month and more great fishing in Crystal River and Homosassa.       Capt Mark

AUGUST 2018 - Summer of Redfish !

August has been hot and so has the Redfishing !  The red fish bite has been the best on the incoming tide around the islands and rocky point...